Industrial Heat Exchangers Market Demand, Growth Factors, Supply, Latest Rising Trend & Forecast to 2019 – 2029

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Industrial Heat Exchangers Market Introduction   

An industrial heat exchanger is an equipment that utilizes a thermal energy exchange process between two or more mediums that vary in temperature. There are a large number of industrial processes that require the transfer of heat from one medium to another medium. Heat Exchangers are thus one of the most commonly used process equipment in various industrial sites.  Industrial Heat Exchangers are used as components of air conditioning and cooling systems of various industrial equipment.

Many industrial processes need a certain degree of the temperature range to work efficiently, an appropriate range of temperature is required to keep chemicals, machinery, gas, water, etc. working efficiently. Industrial Heat Exchangers are used in various industries such as oil & gas industry, power plants, transportation, chemical processing plants, cryogenics, alternate fuels, heat recovery, refrigeration & air conditioning, etc.

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Growing Demand for Industrial Heat Exchangers with Increasing Number of Industries

Rising Industrialization has increased the demand for equipment like Industrial Heat Exchangers. Increasing power generation capacities, surging energy prices as well as technological advancements in various industrial sectors are some of the driving factors of Industrial Heat Exchangers market. The rising prices for energy generations as well as stringent government protocols about the CO2 emissions are some other factors that tend to drive the global Industrial Heat Exchangers market. Industrial heat exchangers may be used primarily for the purpose of cooling down elements, or heating them up.

However, cooling application is much more common given the need to prevent equipment and machinery from overheating. The increase in the use of Industrial Heat Exchangers in the food & beverage sector, petrochemical industry as well as processing of hydrocarbons is expected to boost the Industrial Heat Exchangers market further. With end users focusing heavily on increasing operational efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing equipment failure due to overheating, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market is expected to grow positively in terms of value and volume over the forecast period.

Global Industrial Heat Exchangers: Market Segmentation

On the basis of type, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market has been segmented as

  • Tubular Heat Exchanger
    • Double Pipe
    • Shell and Tube
    • Coiled Pipe
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
    • Gasketed
    • Spiral
    • Plate coild
    • Lambella
  • Extended Surface Heat Exchanger
    • Tube-Fin
    • Plate-Fin
  • Renerators
    • Fixed Matrix
    • Rotary

On the basis of transfer process, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market has been segmented as

  • Direct Contact
  • Indirect Contact

On the basis of flow arrangement, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market has been segmented as

  • Parallel flow
  • Counter Flow
  • Cross Flow

On the basis of phase, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market has been segmented as

  • Liquid-Gas
  • Gas-Gas
  • Liquid-Liquid

On the basis of Application, the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market has been segmented as

  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical & Gas Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Others

Global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in global Industrial Heat Exchangers include

  • Kelvion Holdings,
  • Alfa Laval,
  • Danfoss,
  • API Heat Transfer,
  • Xylem,
  • Hindustan Dorr-Oliver,
  • Gunter,
  • Kirloskar Brothers Limited,

With the rising demand, more players are expected to invest in new technology development for the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market.

Opportunities for Market Participants

The global Industrial Heat Exchangers market is projected to grow rapidly during the next decade, opening new opportunities for market participants. Many of the key players are investing in new product innovations in order to make the Industrial Heat Exchangers to perform better especially in challenging industrial conditions. The large aftermarket sector for Industrial Heat Exchangers is another opportunity of market participants as there is increasing demand for spare parts and other maintenance equipment.

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Global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market: A Regional Outlook

North America and Europe are currently dominant regions in the global Industrial Heat Exchangers Market owing to presences of a large number of industries. East Asia followed by South Asia is expected to show rapid growth owing to unprecedented industrialization in countries such as China, India and Southeast Asian nations. The prominent presence of oil & gas, petrochemicals and mining industries in the Middle East & Africa, and Latin America is a key demand driver for industrial heat exchangers market in these regions.