Allyl Alcohol Market Detailed Analysis 2026

Allyl alcohol is a lucid, colorless liquid which emits a mustard-like odor. Allyl alcohol is less dense than water but the vapors are heavier than air. Allyl alcohol is toxic by inhalation and ingestion. Harmful effects of inhalation and exposure to even low concentrations or short exposure to high concentrations may have adverse health effects. There are various methods of manufacturing allyl alcohol .Allyl alcohol can be obtained by hydrolyzing allyl chloride with sodium hydroxide solution, this process yields high concentration allyl alcohol. Increasing commercial interest to obtain better yields has replaced the hydrolysis method with catalytic rearrangement of propene oxide. In this method propene oxide vapor is passed over lithium phosphate catalyst. Other method of obtaining allyl alcohol include catalytic hydrogenation of acrolein in vapor phase. Allyl alcohol is used as a precursor to many specialized compounds such as drying oils, flame resistant materials and plasticizers. In addition allyl alcohol is also used as a feedstock for the production of glycerol. Due to high toxicity, extreme flammability and high reactivity there is high regard for the handling of allyl alcohol.

The demands in allyl alcohol market is primarily dependent on the demand and consumption characteristics of chemical and plastic industries which also help in boosting the allyl alcohol market. There is an extensive demand of Allyl alcohol for the manufacture of safety glass, CRT screens, paints & coatings, silane coupling agents, optical resins and polymer crosslinking agents. The demand of allyl alcohol is anticipated to rise significantly during the forecast period owing to its high demand in the production of glycerol and a wide variety of polymerizable esters. The market for allyl alcohol is restrained due to stringent environmental laws and regulations present in regions such as North America and Europe. The allyl alcohol market can be segmented on the basis of its application in the industries.

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The allyl alcohol market can also be segmented on the basis of regions such as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Japan and Middle East & and Africa. In terms of allyl alcohol production and consumption Western Europe and North America spearhead the allyl alcohol market due to extensive demand for production of various chemical intermediates and polymer products. Although the market share of Western Europe and North America is large, the growth in these regions is modest and this trend is anticipated to continue for the forecast period. Significant development of chemical, plastics and polymer manufacturing industries in allyl alcohol market from APEJ specifically from regions of China, India and South Korea have majorly influenced the global allyl market scenario. APEJ followed by Japan are anticipated to exhibit strong growth in the allyl market. Followed by Japan, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa are anticipated to be key geographies for the allyl alcohol market during the forecast period.

Allyl alcohol market is identified by various regional and international players, some of the key players identified in the report are include

  • Sigma Aldrich,
  • LyondellBasell,
  • Showa Denko K.K.,
  • Dow Chemical Co.,
  • Dairen Chemical,
  • Mitsubishi Chemical,
  • Mingxingchem

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