Advanced LEO Satellite Network to be Brought to India through Telesat and Nelco partnerships

Nelco, which is a leading satellite communication service provider from India, came into a contract with Telesat, a world-leading satellite operator which has been dealing with intricate connectivity experiments for over half a century. The two companies agreed to work together on terrestrial amenities, viable supply, and monitoring outlines to allow Telesat LEO satellite to connect in India. 

Telesat LEO, a futuristic satellite constellation that uses Telesat’s global architecture to change international communication, will assist in doing away with the digital gap in inaccessible locations and accelerate the expansion of 5G and lay new heights of performance by the enterprise. The satellite will also bring the mobility and connectivity of government broadband on air, land, and sea.

With access to the Telesat LEO network, the Indian government will be provided with the ability to offer the same advantages to areas like 4G/5G backhaul, hotspot areas, distance education, and village together with maritime connectivity. The structure, Metro Ethernet Forum-Standard compliant, will offer easy incorporation of Telesat LEO services to business networks.

The satellite is fit with futuristic technologies, which include Data Processing in Space. This is a fully digitalized modulation, demodulation, and routing of data done in space and allows for more remarkable aptitude and suppleness. There is also the Phased Array Antennas, which are refined antennas mounted on each satellite with beams that are hopping as well as reconfigurable beams. These beams are used to run a scan on earth to give out full coverage, and they can, where required, dynamically focus. The third technology is the Optical Inter-Satellite Links, which allow the movement of data from one satellite to the other at the speed of light, leading to an optimally interconnected worldwide mesh of network in space.

According to the MD and CEO of NELCO, Mr. P J Nath, the company was looking at the latest satellite technologies to offer the best services to their clients and expand their market. The MD further said that the collaboration with Telesat would play a crucial role in importing LEO satellites into the country and further change connectivity in the coming years. Michael Schwartz, who serves as the Senior Vice President in charge of Corporate and the Business Development at Telesat echoed the cooperation by saying that Telesat LEO’s secure network and its increased throughput and low-latency would offer an excellent window for enterprise application of the system.