The uptake of electric vehicles is growing despite the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus-induced lockdown is shifting the business operations globally. ICE car owners dumped their cars in garages, with some opting to work from home. With this in mind, the statistics revealed a rapid decrease in the absorption of new cars. Nonetheless, the sales of electric vehicles and their subsequent hybrids have been on an upward trend. There is a global escalate in these vehicles’ intake and the hybrids ranging from Europe all through the Asian nations.

Initially, the EVs struggled to move through and secure the market share before the pandemic paved the way for these fantastic vehicles’ uptake. There was an initial drop in sales due to the lockdown measures before a sudden sale of EVs. The EV fanatics who should have opted for test drives hid to fulfill the social distancing regulations. The EV industry also witnessed a drop in sales due to the work-from-home strategy to counter the increasing workload by employees while at home.

The uptake of electric vehicles in rural areas has grown exceedingly because the people in these areas live in affordable houses; hence they can afford to pay for the EVs. The urban area residents have an added cost of rent making their disposable income too small to cover EVs’ purchase in this trying season considerably.

Another impediment in the uptake of electric vehicles this season is the skepticism associated with public transport rendering the developed EV fleet and trains unusable. The transportation industry is keen to adhere to the coronavirus pandemic health measures to remain in good terms with law enforcers.

In recent months, the popularity and consumption of electric vehicles have grown considerably due to the realization that these cars can help counter the pollution challenge from the industry’s ICE cars. Additionally, the desire to test drive these EVs to clarify the truth in the mileage range concern, recharge challenges, and other EV-associated problems.

The other factor answering why the EV sales are on the rise is that the wealthy EV fanatics have maintained their purchase streak throughout the coronavirus pandemic season. The inclination of various governments towards these vehicles in the previous few months through the multiple incentives further fueled these cars’ positive reception in the automotive industry.

The positive effects of utilizing electric vehicles to the environment increased the usage of these vehicles. People are happy to witness cars that will enhance the achievement of their countries’ zero-emissions objectives and therefore resort to buying eco-friendly electric vehicles. In conclusion, the lockdown has opened the people’s eyes to an automotive industry game-changer, which saves on maintenance and refueling costs while at the same time encouraging an eco-friendly environment.