Tel Aviv setting up electric roads for recharging by the public.

Tel Aviv city is establishing electric roads, which will help the cars to continue running in the streets without fear of running out of power. These roads are an initiative in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality project, which is partnering with ElectReon and Dan Bus company to establish charging systems that recharge vehicles in motion. A spokesman of ElectReon stated this project will be receiving financial aid from both the federal government and private sector in an appropriation yet to proceed through the legislators. 

These roads will be running from the Railway Station in the capital to Klatzkin Terminal in the city. These roads will be charging subscription fees for the vehicles using these for maintenance and tax generation to support similar projects. ElectReon explained that copper coils would be running under the street roads all through the 1.2 miles distance.

ElectReon published that the electricity grid’s power runs to the systems on these roads and links with the vehicles in motion. The company announced that they have been developing the roads and technology to facilitate these roads’ completion. Testing and detailing the streets will be ongoing before the developers continue constructing and engineering them to suit the charging technology.

Tel Aviv’s municipality will be widening these roads to go to the suburbs of the country to accelerate development after piloting the project. Tel Aviv’s mayor, Ron Huldai, explained that this plan would catapult the reduction in air pollution and minimize global warming, which is in line with the environmental regulations.

Tel Aviv’s deputy mayor, Meitai Lehavi, reiterated that the current plan would spearhead the development of more similar roads in the adjacent cities. He added that these roads would help save space where the charging stations would be installed and minimize the need off shortening journeys by regularly dropping into the terminal stations.

The technology’s trials and tests will run for two months before Dan Bus Company implemented it on the routes calculated. Student-passengers will be able to travel to Tel Aviv University in a short time. On the other hand, the carmakers are still developing electric vehicles to enter the market and run on these roads.

Finally, these roads will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and propel the country’s transition to renewable sources of energy. Automakers now have the challenge of developing electric vehicles that run on electricity with structures that allow them to align with the charging systems installed on the electric roads.